WordPress Design Agency

Dino Digital is a web agency that focuses on developing web solutions on WordPress, an open source content management system. Providing expert knowledge and a variety of past experience on WordPress we are strongly routed in being able to apply our knowledge to manipulate WordPress to fit the solution required.


Continuing your professional development never felt so good

Where do I get my certificate?

If a certificate is available, you can access it via the ‘Certificates’ tab on your learner dashboard. Please note, not all courses include a certificate.

I’ve completed my course, why isn’t it showing as 100% complete?

If there’s a certificate available for the course, you’ll need to download it for the course to show as fully complete. If your score is not updating properly, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

Can I access any other learning?

Yes! Have a look at our official YouTube channel for our back-catalogue of webinars and events, and check out the guidance pages on our website for specific information on different clinical areas.