WooCommerce to BrightPearl Plugin

Pass new orders to BrightPearl

Our WordPress plugin works seamlessly with BrightPearl to pass new orders over to BrightPearl the second they are submitted on the site.

Create new contacts from new customers

When a new customer places an order on WooCommerce all the details of that new customer are integrated into BrightPearl.

Add new orders to existing customers

When an order is placed by an existing customer the order will scan for the users email address and attach the order to that existing contact.

Realtime Synchronisation on Inventory & Price

Whenever a price is updated or stock quantity is adjusted in BrightPearl it will inform WooCommerce. Making sure you are never selling products you don’t have in stock.

Update WooCommerce Order Status from BrightPearl

WooCommerce order status can be changed direct from BrightPearl, keeping everything in sync. All BrightPearl and WooCommerce statuses can be married up requiring no change to the way you currently use BrightPearl or WooCommerce.

Error Handling & Import Failures

Comprehensive error handling when WooCommerce encounters a problem integrating a new order into BrightPearl, making sure that you don’t miss any orders.


If you need assistance in integrating BrightPearl into WooCommerce and hooking your products up we can assist.

One-time Fee

Our plugin is not a reoccurring cost, with no hidden fees you won’t be continuing to pay just to have your website talk to your CRM.


We will offer continued update support and new function to the plugin as we make changes.

From £800

Ongoing Support From: £1,000pm
Setup From: £600 (one time set up fee)