Digital Services

Dino Digital doesn’t offer some smoothly pitched sale and a solution that doesn’t fit the hype we create! We want to create a unique relationship with all clients. That way we can provide something special we can all be proud of!

Web Solutions

Look around – everyone everywhere has the internet in their pocket, on their desk or in their briefcase! We produce websites that look current, fresh and eye-catching across every platform. All at a speed that scares lightning!

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Print and Design

Designing for print and printing work harmoniously together to provide a feeling and a reminder to clients and prospects of how greater quality you are and what importance your business is to them. Making an impression is what our design and print is purposed to do.

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Website Hosting

Website hosting isn’t just website hosting. It is relying on someone making sure your number one sales tool is available 24/7 for 365 days a year (bit more on leap years). We offer dedicated, managed and supported hosting that you can trust.

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Email Marketing

With the ability to send files from coast to coast in a second and to other countries in an instant the world is at your disposal. Getting yourself in front of an audience that never sleeps is what we are best at doing.

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Social Media

Everyone knows of Facebook and Twitter.. but what about Vine, Pinterest and Fancy eh?! We believe there is a platform for all and we know about a lot of em to help you decide what is most fitting and how to get involved!

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The dark art that is has been led to believe with closed secrets and untold fortunes to those who know them is nothing more than a bit of time and elbow grease. We can assist in applying the right time and effort to get your site ranked accordingly.

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Who you gonna call? Dino Digital

We are the web (ghost) busters (we also got some other services). Talk to us about cornering your market. "I ain't afraid of no change (ghost)?"

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