WordPress Specialists

Our managed hosting covers full support and 24/7 support. We will maintain a consistent level of service for all visitors regardless of geographical location and the following features.

Areas of Expertise

Our WordPress experience and expertise lies in the following areas.


Networking multiple sites for ease of management and logistic.


Integrating cross site (front and backend) language translation.

Custom Plugins

Coding unique plugins to provide custom functionality that otherwise can’t be produced.

Custom Themes

Creating custom designed theme within the Child-Theming framework.

Custom Post Types

Setting up custom post types to extend the core function within WordPress.


Sourcing and using 3rd Party plugins to solve.


Integration of WooCommerce within WordPress providing a scaleable shopping platform.

Business Integration

Integrating your current business tools (CRMS etc.) end to end with WordPress.


Simplifying standard tasks in WordPress to make site management much faster and easier.