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  • Rayan Karakani, AFNA Graduate

    Rayan Karakani, AFNA Graduate

    I started at AFNA June 2019 and recently completed my course work there. I loved the experience and really had a great time learning about fitness and training. When I first started at AFNA, I went in with what I thought was a good understanding of fitness. I quickly realized after the first week of […]

  • John (Dubb) Wong, AFNA Graduate

    John (Dubb) Wong, AFNA Graduate

    There are Personal Trainers, and then there are Professional Trainers. If you want to be a Professional Trainer then I highly recommend taking the AFNA course.

  • Christopher Thompson, AFNA Graduate

    Christopher Thompson, AFNA Graduate

    AFNA is an awesome school for training to be a Fitness Trainer or another goal you might have. It’s a great base to set your career on.

  • Brandi Stoessel, AFNA Graduate

    Brandi Stoessel, AFNA Graduate

    If you want to learn from the best and get all the hands-on experience this is the place to go! I graduated from this program and I will say I’m more than prepared to start my new career in personal training!


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